Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Twinkling Triangle

In my feeble mind it should be cold today….not 60+ degrees!!  The sun twinkled (that is about all we got today - a twinkle of sunlight!!) through the clouds a time or two – at least it did in Upper East Tennessee.  It was so warm that is was difficult to gather my class together and go back inside to finish our lesson on triangles.

Once we finally made the trek back inside, my energy level was pretty low until we reviewed what we had learned yesterday with triangles.  At that point my energy level soared straight though the roof – many of my wonderful students had remembered yesterday’s lesson and their eyes twinkled with delight!!  YES!! 

The joy of watching a child put it all together in their heads and being able to explain how they got the answer is so energizing for me.  How about you?  Do you experience those energizing moments in your classroom?  Maybe it is as simple as learning basic addition facts……… matter what the subject………those twinkling moments are so worth each day!!

Andrea - The Energizedtchr!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where does The Energizedtchr get her energy?

Where does my energy come from?  

Caffeine gives me energy - I drink a large cup of coffee first thing each morning!!  If I don’t get my daily dose of caffeine each out!!  The rest of my energy comes from a wide variety of places. 

Smiling faces give me energy – each day as I walk down the hall to my classroom I trust that young minds will be smiling as they enter my room. 

Laughter gives me energy – over the years I have learned that laughter brings joy to my life.  A good belly laugh is great for the soul. 

My family gives me energy - I am married to a wonderful husband named Robert and we have a very energetic dog named Tiamat. Just for the record - Robert and Tiamat are not morning people so I don’t depend on getting energy from them until at least mid-day!! 

Most of all sharing gives me energy - It energizes me to be able to share with other teachers some of the strategies that have worked for me over the years.  Join me in the coming days, weeks, and months as I share some resources that have worked for me over the years.

Andrea - The Energizedtchr!!